This tutorial was created April 30, 2005.
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This tutorial was written for PSP9.

I have included lots of instructions and screen shots with the hope that anyone can do this
tutorial. I have most of my favorite effects on a tool bar but have included the path to each
effect so it will be easy to find them if you are new to PSP. If you are more advanced, feel
free to move ahead at your own pace !

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 9, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.
My Vector Martini tube here , Martini recipe brush here
and my gh_tornedges mask here.
Open the tube in PSP and import the 2 brush files. If you need
help importing brushes I have a tutorial here.
The font "Martini Olive" here.

I found this font and I thought it would be so cute to do something "olivey" with it. The tutorial was
going to be a text effect tut only, but quickly turned into something more. LOL! Trying to find just the right
background wasn't working so I decided to draw something myself, hence the Vector Martini tube!

Let's get started!
Open a new white image 450 x 400.
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and name it Mask. Flood fill this layer with black.

Go to Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from disk.
Find the mask "gh_tornedges" and check
Source Luminance, Fit to Canvas, Invert Transparency and Show All Mask. Click on Load.

Now go to your Layer Palette, right click on Group-Mask and go to Merge/Merge group.

Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and name this layer "blocks".
Change your Foreground color to white and click on your Paintbrush , using these settings ...

Starting at the top left, make the blocks by tapping the brush twice. Line them up with the brush
outline as in the screen shot below ....

I made 7 blocks ....

Go to Effects/Distortions Effects/Wind
Wind Direction From Right, Wind Strength 30. Go to Layers/ Duplicate.
Here's what you should have so far ...

Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and name this layer brush.
Using your Paintbrush, locate the gh_martinirecipe brush and use these settings ..

With white as your Foreground color click on the right side of your canvas to apply the brush.

Reduce the opacity of this layer to 50.

Here's what you should have so far ...

Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal 1, Opacity 70, Blur 1 and Color Black.

Let's add the tube now.
With your tube as the active image, go to Edit/Copy then go back to
your main image and go to Edit/Paste as New Layer.

Now to add the fun font! LOL!
Using your Text Tool with these settings

Change your Foreground color to black and your Background color to #5d7b55 then click on your canvas to
apply the text. Depending on the length of your name you may have to adjust the size.

Use your Object Selection Tool to do that. Position it like below ....

Go to your Layer Palette and right click on Vector 1, choose Convert to Raster Layer.
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and name it Pimento. Drag this layer below Raster 2.
Click on Raster 2 and using your Magic Wand with these settings ....

Click inside all the holes in the text. Go to Selections/Modify/Expand 3. Change your Foreground color to
#d44f50 and click on your Pimento layer. Flood fill the selections. Go to Selections/Select None.
Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel with these settings ...
Bevel #1, Width 1, Smoothness 57, Depth 4, Ambience 0, Shininess 0
Angle 315, Intensity 39, Elevation 36.
Now click on Raster 2, the text layer and apply the same Inner Bevel except change the
Shininess to 44.
Go to your Layer Palette and turn off all the layers except Raster 2 and Pimento.
Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible and then turn all your layers back on.
While on the Merged layer go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow and use these settings ....
Vertical -2, Horizontal 3, Opacity 100, Blur 10 and Color Black.
Add a layer for your watermark and we are done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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