This tutorial was created February 5, 2007.
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This quick and easy tutorial was written for PSP10, but can be done in Versions 8 and 9.
If you have any questions you can write me here ..... ginny hopping at comcast dot net.

~ You will need ~
Paint Shop Pro 10, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

MuRa's Meister Copies here.
Make a new folder for this filter where your plugins are located. Open the zip and extract the files to that folder.

Zip file with my 3 heart brushes, font and dashed heart border here.
Make a new folder on your desktop and unzip the brushes there. In PSP go to Import/Custom brush and follow the prompts.
If you need more help installing brushes I have a tutorial here.
Double click to open the font and minimize it to your desktop and have the "TumblingHeartsBorder_gh.psp" open in PSP.
You can drag this pointer as you go to keep track of your place in the tutorial.
Drag script from Dynamic Drive

Let's get started ...

Make your Foreground color #C7393C (red) and your background color #FFFFFF (white).
Open a new canvas, 504 x 239, Raster background, color #C7393C (red).
Selections/Select All, Selections/Modify/Contract 2 pixels.
Flood fill with white. Selections/Select None.
Save as "tumblinghearts.psp", this will be our working canvas.

Layers/New Raster Layer.
Click on your Paint Brush then click on the drop down menu in the brush preview window for
gh_swirlyheart_001,_002 or _003, there are 3 to choose from, I used 001 for this tut.
Use the settings below ...

Click in the middle of your canvas to apply the brush.
You can find the middle by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the workspace on the right.

Effects/Plugins/MuRa's Meister/Copies and use these settings ...
Change to *Line(rotate random) first, then change the "number" to 6 and the rest of the settings will be correct.

You can "undo" the effect and try it again. Each time it looks a little different so play until you get an effect you really love.
Here's what you should have now ...

Open the "TumblingHeartsBorder_gh".
I left this file in 3 layers so you have the option of deciding if you want to use the hearts and text or just use the dashed lines.
If you want to use all the layers go to Edit/Copy Merged then return to your working image and go to Edit/Paste as New Layer.
If you just want to use the dashed line and hearts turn off the text layer in the layer palette and follow the same steps .. Edit/
Copy Merged then go back to your working canvas and Edit/Paste as New Layer.

Click on your Text Tool and use these settings ....
You will have to highlight the size and type in 125.

In your Materials palette click on the arrow to swap your Foreground and Background colors.

Click on the canvas to apply your text.
Objects/Align/Center in Canvas.
Effects/3D Effects/ Drop Shadow with these settings ..
Horizontal and Vertical 2, Opacity 40, Blur 4 and color Black.
Save a copy of your file with the layers intact then save as a jpg.

For the example below I didn't use the "Happy Valentine's Day" text but used my name instead.
I typed it once and placed it at the top then used the MuRa's Copies filter with the "Line" setting, "number" 5.
Then I duplicated the layer and moved the duplicate down.

Try the tutorial again with a different brush or even a tube and colorize the borders to match!
Diana tested the tutorial and made some great variations here
Thanks, Diana!!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!
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