This tutorial was created July 19, 2005.
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This tutorial was written for PSP9.

I have included lots of instructions and screen shots with the hope that anyone can do this
tutorial. If you are more advanced, feel free to move ahead at your own pace !
Sorry, I cannot offer help or supplies for Version 7 any longer.
I hope you enjoy doing this tutorial and if you have any questions/comments
you can write me here ..... ginny_hopping at yahoo dot com.

Feel free to use your choice of tube, font and colors you like! This tutorial is only meant as a guide.

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 9, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

30 day trial version of Eye Candy 5 Impact.
We will be using Perspective Shadow which gives the best shadows.
The zip with the tube and my brushes here
The tube was made from a royalty free image.
Open the chamberednautilus_gh.psp in PSP and import the brushes.
If you need help importing the brushes, I have a tutorial here
The fonts used NevilleScript and Bambino.
Unzip the fonts, open and minimize them on your desktop.

Let's get started ...

Open a new Raster image 424 by 317, background color white.
Click on your Paintbrush tool and make your foreground color #eeebe8, you can turn
off your background color now too so you will be ready when we draw the vector line.
Click on your brush preview window and find gh_gardengate1 in the drop down menu.
Apply your paintbrush on the canvas with these settings .. please note the rotation is set at 90.

Open your tube and go to Edit/Copy. You can close out your tube now.
With your canvas as the active image and go to Edit/Paste as New Layer.
here's what you should have now ..

Now for the tedious part. Change your foreground color to something bright, I used
#0000ff, background color off. Click on your pen tool with these settings ...

Using the screen shot as a guide click on the 8 points around the shell outline ...
(I turned the opacity down on the tube layer so you could see the points better.

Now double click on any of the vector node boxes to select them all. You will see all the
boxes turn a solid red. Right click on the canvas and go to Node Type/Symmetric.
Right click again on the canvas and go to Edit/Select None. Now you can click on each
box and using the control arms, adjust the line to fit the outline of the shell. Take your time
and get the line as perfect as you can. Zoom in a couple times if you need to, I do. LOL!
(If you should get out of the 'editing mode' click on the Vector Selection box , click
anywhere on the line to select it, then click on your Pen tool again)

Here's what you should have now ..

Click on the Apply button on the tool options palette.

If you gave it your best effort and had trouble getting the line
done, you can download the tube with the line done for you here.

Now let's add the text. Make your background color #7d5f50 and foreground color off.
Click on your Text tool and using these settings ..

Click on the third row of white scallops with your text tool

your text should be centered correctly.

Copy and paste the quote below into the Text Entry window ..
** Sometimes when you copy and paste text it's picks up the HTML coding
from the webpage and you may have to redo the line breaks and reset the font. **

Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those that love, time is eternity.
(This quote is by Henry Van Dyke)

Go to your Layer palette and click on the plus (+) sign next to Vector 1 and turn off the "New Path" layer.

Here's what you should have now ..

Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal 1, Opacity 49, Blur 1, Color #654c41.

Click on Raster 1 (the tube layer) and duplicate this layer twice ..

Click on Raster 1 and go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur/Radius 42.
Click on Copy of Raster 1 and go to Image/Mirror, then go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur/Radius 42.
Click on Copy (2) of Raster 1 and go to Effects/Plugins/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5:Impact/Perspective Shadow

~~ On the Settings tab~~
hi-light Factory Default. Using the bounding box, grab the top, middle node
and pull the top of the bounding box over to the left like below ...

~~ On the Basic Tab ~~
change the Opacity to 100, the Overall Blur to 9.93 and the
Color to #654c41. Leave the other settings as they are.
Click OK to apply.
Click on your top layer in the Layer Palette and click on the New Raster Layer Icon.

Click on your Paintbrush tool and find gh_ dottedcorner, Change the size to
130 and apply it with color #654c41 on the upper right corner. Lower the
Opacity to 46.

Change your background color to #654c41 and turn your foreground color off.
Click on your Text tool and use these settings ..

Apply your text near the bottom left, then lower the opacity to 60.
We are going to add a border now which will merge your layers. You should save a copy of the image with
the layers intact and in psp format so you can have a blank for future tags.
Go to Image/ Add Borders 2 Pixels Symmetric, Color #b0a097.

dd a new raster layer for your watermark, save as a jpeg and you are done.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I would be delighted if you would take a moment to sign
my guestbook. I would appreciate any comments that you might want to share.

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