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All tutorials, brushes, textures, masks and anything else on my site that is my work is for personal use only.
My free scrapkits may be used for your personal tags but I do not want them offered for other tutorials, in whole or in part.
I do not allow my textures, brushes, scrapbook kits, elements
or anything on this site that is my work to be used in your scrapkits,
websets or stationeries for "freebie" downloads or financial gain. Contact me at ginnyhopping at comcast.net if you have any questions..

If you want to use one of my tutorials for a group lesson you do not need to ask permission, but please use a text link only.

You may not store or archive these pages in any Yahoo or MSN groups,
or any mailing list sites. These pages may not be sent through email.

Please don't ask to translate my tutorials, there are many great online translators you can use.
ou may print out the tutorials or save them to your hard drive for personal use.
Please do not "script" my tutorials, unless it is for your personal use.

Thank you for taking the time to read my terms and I do hope you enjoy the tutorials on my site!
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