This tutorial was created March 24, 2006
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This tutorial was written using PSP10.
I'd like to thank my testers, Diana and Ila.
Thank you both for allowing me the pleasure of posting your gorgeous results!
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~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 10, a 30 day trial program can be downloaded here.

The pretty violet tube by "Susie~G" used with permission here
A great big thank you to Susie for allowing me to offer her gorgeous tube!

The single violet tubes here and here.

The violet pattern for the text here. Right click and "Save Picture as" to your pc.
Please have the tubes and pattern open in PSP.

Brushes from Creatively Bound here.
The sets used for this tutorial are "Flutterby" and "Swirl".
My "gh_lacesquare" brush here

Please "import" the brushes in PSP 8, 9 and 10. I have a tutorial here if you need help importing.
The font used in this tutorial is Albemarle End Swash and can be found at MyFonts. com for $12.
Feel free to use any font you have and like for the tag.

You can drag this pointer as you go to keep track of your place in the tutorial.
Drag script from Dynamic Drive

Let's get started ..
Open your tube sg~violets.tub and go to Edit/Copy.
Go to File/New ..
500 x 600 pixels, raster background, Color #b9a5be .
Go to Edit/Paste/Paste as new layer.
Go to Image/Resize ..
Height and Width / 45 Percent, Resample using: "Smart Size",
check: "Lock aspect ratio" and uncheck: "Resize all layers".
Go to Adjust / Sharpness / Unsharp Mask with these settings ...
Radius 2, Strength 50, Clipping 5.

In your layer palette, right click on
Raster 1 (the tube) and duplicate the layer.
Click on the Raster 1 layer and go to Effects/Distortion Effects/Twirl Degrees/720.
Go to Effects/Distortion Effects/Pixelate/ Block width 5 and check Symmetric.
In your layer palette lower the opacity to 36. Go to Image / Mirror.
Click on Copy of Raster 1 and go to Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow and use these settings ..
Vertical 1, Horizontal 2, Opacity 50, Blur 6 and Color ~ Black

Now we are going to add some brushes below the tube layers.
Click on your background layer, right click and choose New Raster layer, name it brush 1.
In your Materials palette make your Foreground color #5b4660
Click on your Paint brush and go to your Brush Preview window.

Find @cb-flutterby7 in the drop down menu and apply the brush like the screen shot below ..

In your Layer palette, right click on the Brush 1 layer and choose New Raster layer, name it brush 2.
On this layer I added 3 brushes, @cb-flutterby11, @cb-swirl4 and @cb-flutterby7. Apply the brushes like the screen shot below ..
I turned off the tube layers so you could see the brush placement better. Turn your tube layers back on after this step.

In your Layer palette, right click on the Brush 2 layer and choose New Raster layer, name it brush 3.
Find gh_lacesquare and apply the lace brush. I changed the size to 376 and clicked once like below.
In your Layer palette
lower the opacity to 55.

Go to your Preset Shape tool and choose Rectangle from the Shape List window.

and use these settings ... make sure you select "dot" as your line style.

In your Material palette your foreground color should be #5b4660 and your Background color off.

I drew out 3 boxes like below ...
(tube layers are closed off so you can see better)

In your Layer palette right click on the Vector 1 layer and Convert to Raster Layer. Lower the Opacity of this layer to 51.
In your Layer palette right click on the Brush 3 layer and add a New Raster Layer, name it top box.
Click on your Selection tool and use these settings ...
Rectangle, Add. Feather 0 and anti-alias unchecked.
Following the outline of the top box make a selection.

Flood fill with #5b4660 and lower the opacity to
30. Selections / Select None.
Right click on the "top box" layer and add a New Raster Layer. Name it right box.
Follow the same procedure by drawing a Selection around the box and this time flood fill with white and
lower the opacity to 20. Do these same steps for the bottom box. Don't forget to add a new layer!!
This is what you should have now ..

In your Layer palette go to the top of the layer stack, and click on Copy of Raster 1.
Open the violet tube you want to use and go to Edit / Copy. Go back to your tag image and go to Edit / Paste as New Layer.
Using your Mover tool move the violet tube over to the right hand box.

Now let's add your name or greeting.
Click on your Text tool and use these settings ....

Your Foreground color should still be #5b4660 and change your background color to Pattern and find violetpattern_gh.

Click on your canvas near the bottom to apply your text ..

I have a script that I use to do the effects on my text and you are welcome to download it and use it, too. The script is here, extract it to your "My PSP Files / Scripts-Restricted". Your text must be in Vector format and be selected with the Object Selection Tool to run the script.
Highlight the "Toggle Execution mode" button and the script will pause during each effect. You can
make adjustments to the bevel and drop shadow to your liking or just accept the values in the script.
I have included the steps below for the text effect if you do not want to use the script.

Go to your layer palette, right click on your text layer and "Convert to Raster Layer".
Go to Selections/Select All, Selections/Float, Selections/Modify/Contract 1.
Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Choose "Bevel One" , width 1,
57, Depth 2, Ambience 0, Shininess 54, Angle 315, Intensity 39 and Elevation 36.
Go to Selections/Select None.

For the drop shadow go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with these settings .....
Vertical 2, Horizontal
2, Opacity 43, Blur 4
and Color #000000 (black)

Add a new raster layer for your watermark, save as a jpg and you are done.
Feel free to add one of the stock picture frames in PSP or maybe use a mask
with a nice edge effect if you want to use your tag on a white background.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial !

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