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Shopping List! =)

Paint Shop Pro 7, a 30 day trial program can be downloaded here

"Splat" by Alien Skin can be downloaded for a free thirty day trial here.

This is an easy effect to achieve with the "Splat" filter from
Alien Skin for any image you want to look like a photograph.This tutorial
is a continuation of my Seaside Dreams tutorial found here if you would
like to make that image or y
ou can use any image you desire.

Start by opening any image you want to use. Right click on the background layer
in the layer palette and choose *promote to a layer.* Go to Image/Canvas Size
and resize your image adding *60* pixels to the value already listed in the
*new width* and *new height* boxes. Check *center image horizontally*
and *center image vertically.* Click OK.
It may seem like a lot to add but we will need the room for the drop shadow.
With your Magic Wand click on the transparent background and flood fill with white.
Your image will look like this.

Deselect and go to Effects/ Plugins/ Splat/Edges and use these settings

then for some added dimension go to
Effects/ 3D Effects/ Drop Shadow and use these settings

Now add a new raster layer and drag it below layer one. This is where you will
have to make a decision on your background color. I chose a color that would
match my webpage. You can always save your original and change the color
of the background as needed. So with all that said........
Click on layer 2 and flood fill with the desired background color. I
used #99794A. Assuming you have saved a copy as a .psp file, merge visible
and there you have your image with a photo edge!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did writing it! =)

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