"Misty Morning Frame"

This tutorial was originally written on June 18, 2002 and was updated on June 22, 2004 for PSP8.
I decided not to change the name of the tutorial even though I did change the image. There
is no "misty" or "morning" any longer but since the tutorial is linked many places I wanted to keep
the title intact. This tutorial teaches how to save your own presets in Ulead Art Texture and how
to add and use custom brushes in PSP8.
ęCopyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

* Terms of Use *

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 8, a 30 day trial program can be downloaded here.
Cork pattern here.
Extract the Cork.jpg image to My Documents/My PSP8 Files/Patterns folder.
the image and my corner brush here.
Extract the TWO brush files to My Documents/My PSP8 Files/Brushes.
Open the image in PSP.
Artwork "A lawyer more than adequately attired in fine print" by James C. Christenson

Ulead Art Texture, a freeware program here. Unzip this to your plugin folder.
I am going to show you how to save your own presets in Ulead.

Let's get started! =)

Open your image in PSP8. Let's make a copy for later, Window/Duplicate and minimize it for now. Go to Image/Add borders. Type in 2, Symmetric "checked", color, white. Using your Magic Wand , tolerance set to 0, feather 0 and anti-alias checked, select your white border.
Now would be a good time to give your image a name and save it.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Ulead Effects, Art Texture. When the interface opens, click on the Edit button. Choose Palette 5. We are going to change some of the settings and create a new brighter gold and save it to use again. You will see little boxes around the color wheel, these can be moved, deleted or the color can be changed by clicking on them. Below is a screen shot of the interface. The boxes that are circled in red are the ones we want to delete. You can do this by right clicking on the box and choose delete.

Ulead interface 1

Now we will move the middle range value boxes over to expand the brighter gold color. Just left click on them, hold and move them over like the screen shot below.

Ulead interface 2

We will save this palette to use again. You can do this by clicking on the Add button. Give it a name, I used "brighter gold". Click OK to save it. Now click on your brighter gold pattern and click OK. On the next screen choose the top left pattern sample if you want yours to look like mine, but feel free to choose any pattern you like. Select OK.

Ulead Interface 3

Go to Selections, Invert and then Effects, 3D Effects, Cutout and add a Cutout of Vertical and Horizontal 0, Opacity 50 and Blur 35. Shadow color should be black. Make sure "Fill interior with color" is UNchecked. You may need to make adjustments if you are using a different image. Go to Selections/Select none.

Go to Image, Add Borders. Add a white border of 7 and select it with your Magic Wand
. Now we need to go to the Materials palette and change to Pattern.

Click on the color box in the Material Palette and then click on the Pattern tab.
In the preview window locate the"Cork" pattern. Size 100%, Angle 0.

Using your Flood fill tool , fill the border with your pattern.
Go to Effects/3DEffects/Inner Bevel and use these settings ....

Bevel 2, Width 4, Smoothness 32, Depth 2, Ambience 0, Shininess 44,
Color white, Angle 315, Intensity 39 and Elevation 36. Click OK.
Go to Selections/Select none. Save your work! =)

Go to Image, Add borders and add a white border of 2. Select this border with your Magic wand , and go to Effects, Plugins, Art Texture. Your "brighter gold" and pattern smaple should still be there, click OK.

7. Time for another border! First we are going to make a seamless tile out of the extra
image we duplicated earlier and use it for a pattern fill, so maximize it now.

Go to Image/Resize. Uncheck "Lock aspect ratio" Type in 200 "pixels" for width and height, check Resample using "Bicubic" and "Resize all layers". Click OK.
Go to Effects/Image Effects/Seamless Tiling.

Tiling method


Horizontal offset (%) 4
Vertical offset (%)     8
Transition                100

Corner Style        Curved

Click OK.

Go to your Materials Palette and change your pattern to the seamless tile you just made. Angle 0 and Scale 100. You can minimize the pattern now and go back to your main image.

Go to Image, Add borders and add a 20 pixel white border. Select this border with your Magic Wand . Flood fill with your seamless pattern.

Go to Effects/Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes and in the "Presets" window, located at the top, find "Impressionist" in the drop down menu. Change the "Color" to black. Click OK.
Now Effects/3D Effects/ Cutout.
Vertical and Horizontal 0, Opacity 100, Blur 10. Shadow color black.
Selections/Select none.

Go to Image/Add Borders and add a white border of 2.
Select it with your Magic Wand and apply your Ulead Gold pattern.

Go to Image/Add borders and add a white border of 7.
Select it with your Magic Wand and Flood fill with your "Cork" pattern.
Go to Effects/3DEffects/Inner Bevel, same settings as before. Click OK.
Go to Selections/Select none.
Save your work! =)

Go to Image/Add Borders and add a white border of 2.
Select it with your Magic Wand and apply your Ulead gold pattern.
Selections/Select None.

Now we are going to add the corners.
Go to Layers/New Raster Layer and name it corner.
Click on Paint brush in the Tool Palette.

Whenever you add a new brush to PSP8 you must import it before you can use it.
To do this go to File/Import/Custom Brush.
In the "Import Custom Brush" window click on "Open"
and browse to your Brush folder,
"C:/My Documents/My PSP8 Files/Brushes". Locate "gh_corner2.PspBrush"
and hi-light it then click Open. You will now see it in the "brushes" window.
Click on it, then on Add. This will send it to the "Selected for Import" pane.
Click on OK and it will be ready to use now!

Go to your Tool Options ribbon and click on the brush preview window.
Find brush "gh_corner2" and use the settings below.

In your Materials palette, change the foreground back to "color"

and your foreground color to white.

Now you can place your brush outline in the upper left hand corner of your image just touching the second gold border. (If you cannot see the outline of your brush, go to File/Preferences/General Program Preferences, click on the "Display and Caching" tab and check "Use precise cursors".) Click OK.

Now left click twice without moving your mouse to apply the brush corner.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Art Texture and apply your gold pattern.
Go to Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow. Horizontal and Vertical 2,
Opacity 100, Blur 3, Shadow color Black and click OK.

Go to your Layer Palette, right click on your corner layer and choose Duplicate.
Go to Image/Mirror.

Go back to the Layer Palette and turn off your background layer, go to Layers/Merge Visible. Right click on your Merged Layer, choose Duplicate, then Image, Flip.
Now you should have 4 corners. Turn your Background layer back on.
Go to Layers/Merge/Merge visible
and you are done!

I hope you have enjoyed making this frame!!

All original graphics and tutorials ębunnysattic 2002