This tutorial was created March 20, 2005
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This tutorial was written to offer some help with importing custom brushes into PSP 8, 9 and 10.
How many times have you extracted a new brush to your brush folder only to find it does not show
up in the brush preview window in PSP? You look in the folder and IT IS there, but you can't use it!
It has to be imported and this is how you do it.


Before we get started, if you are here because you HAVE brushes in your brush folder
that do not work because they were not imported, do this before you start the tutorial....

Go to your brush folder and find the two files for each brush.
The file extensions for brushes are...
"BrushTip_(the brush name).PspScript" and "(the brush name).PspBrush".
Once you have found both files for the brush move them to the new folder on the desktop.
I would also highly recommend rebooting before attempting to import the brushes again.


Let's start with a new brush to download and we will import it.

Download my brush zip file here.

Make a new folder on your desktop.. (right click on your desktop and click on New, then Folder) and name
it new brushes. Open your zip and extract the file to the new brushes folder you just made on your desktop.

**Just a note**
Once you extract the brushes to a new folder you can preview them first by using the
browser in PSP. If there is a brush you don't want you can delete it before importing it.

Open PSP and go to File/Import/Custom Brush. The 'Import Custom Brush' window will open.

Click on Open and browse to the folder we made on the desktop. Select the new brush, 'gh_swirlybrush-001.PspBrush' and click on Open. Click on the new brush in the Brushes window, then click Add>, then OK.

This will move the brush over to the next window 'Selected for Import:' Click OK. Your brush is imported into PSP now. PSP will create the script during the import. You can delete the folder from the desktop now.

Let's test it. Open a new white canvas 350x350.
Click on the Paint Brush Tool and then click on the Brush Preview window,

find 'gh_swirlybrush-001', select it and click OK. Using a different color, click on your canvas to apply the new brush.

That's it! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

You can use gradients or textures to make the same brush tip look different.
Here is that same brush used with #1 Foreground-Background gradient, Angle
310, Repeats 1 and Linear Style with a slight drop shadow added.

And here is an example using the texture 'b4pinwheeltexture'.

Brushes are one of the many awesome playthings in PSP and I hope
you will experiment with them and even make some of your own. Ü

Additional tips for Version 7 users
If you are using PSP 7 you can open the brush image in PSP from the browser window. You will have to
resize it to 255 pixels first then you can make your own brush from that image. It may lose some clarity
during the resize but that's the only workaround I know.

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