This tutorial was created December 27, 2005.
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This tutorial was written for PSP10.

I have included lots of instructions and screen shots with the hope that anyone can do this
tutorial. I have most of my favorite effects on a tool bar but have included the path to each
effect so it will be easy to find them if you are new to PSP. If you are more advanced, feel
free to move ahead at your own pace ! I hope you enjoy doing this tutorial!

You may have to make adjustments to the drop shadows if you use a lighter image.

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro10, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

The royalty free image. The image will open in a new window, right click to "Save picture as" and save to your pc.

If you'd like to use a tube instead of an image I have a tutorial here on how to do that.
I also have a page with my fabulous testers results here.

The font "Lancastershire" at DaFont
Open the image in PSP. Unzip the font, open and minimize it on your desktop.

Fantastic Machines Paint Engine and Tile Tools These are great ones to have.

When installing Paint Engine make a new folder named Fantastic Machines in your Plugin folder.
Extract the "Pe.8bf" file to your Plugins folder and the "fmachine.ini" to C:/Windows.
f you don't, you won't have any presets.

note: if you've used a previous version of Paint Engine and don't want to
lose any parameter settings you've saved, don't copy fmachine.ini.

Let's get started ...

With your "glowwind_whiteflowers" image active go to Layers / Duplicate.
Turn off "Copy of Background" by clicking on the eye in the Layer Palette.
Click on the Background layer.

Go to Effects / Plugins / Fantastic Machines / Paint Engine
Find the preset "glow wind" and click on Apply.

Here is a screen shot of the settings if you do not have the preset.

(You can click on the image for a larger view if you have trouble seeing the numbers.)

Unhide your "Copy of Background" layer by unchecking the eye and click on that layer.

Go to Adjust /Brightness and Contrast / Clarify.
Strength of Effect 10.

Go to Adjust / Add/Remove Noise / Edge Preserving Smooth
Amount of Smoothing 15.

Repeat the Edge Preserving Smooth effect again.
Lower the opacity of this layer to 50.

Go to Layers / Merge Visible.
If you would like to make a background tile like the one on this page we need to save
part of the image before adding the text. Using your Selection tool with these settings ...

Make a selection around the flowers. Go to Edit / Copy then Edit / Paste as a New Image.

Minimize this for now and we'll finish it at the end of the tutorial.

Back on your main image go to Selections/Select None.
Click on your Text Tool and use these settings ..
(You can click on the image for a larger view if you have trouble seeing the numbers.)

Turn your Foreground color off and make your Background color #e4dee1

Click on your canvas below the flowers and to the right and type in this quote ...

"If I had a single flower for every
time I thought about you,
I could walk forever in my garden."

** I found if you copy and paste the text, you may have to change
the font back to Lancastershire and redo the line breaks
. **

Go to Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow and use these settings ...

Vertical 1, Horizontal 2, Opacity 100, Blur 5, Color Black.

Lower the opacity of this layer to 70.

There are some cute ornaments with this font so let's add a few ..

Click on your canvas again, above the quote, and while holding down
your Alt key type in 60111 on your number pad on your keyboard.
Then hold your Alt key down again and type 60112.

Add the same drop shadow and lower the opacity to 70.
Go to Layers / Duplicate, then Image /Flip.
With your Mover tool line up the ornaments above and below the text.

Go to Image / Add Borders and add a 2 pixel border with color #4d4c46.

Add a new raster layer for your watermark, save as a jpg and you are done.

If you want to make the background tile, make that your active image now.
Go to Image / Resize and put in 200 pixels and make sure "Resize all layers" is checked.
Go to Effects / Plugins / FM Tile Tools / Blend Emboss and use the default settings ...

Go to Effects / Image Effects / Seamless Tiling with these settings ...

Go to Layers / New Raster Layer.
Flood fill this layer with black and lower the opacity to 70.
Go to Layers / Merge Visible and save as a jpg.
Now you have a seamless background tile to match your tag.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and I would be delighted if you would take a moment to sign
my guestbook. I would appreciate any comments that you might want to share.
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