Freeze Frame Tag by Ginny


This tutorial was created July 8, 2006.
©Copyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

please read my
* Terms of Use *

This tutorial was written using PSP10, but can be done in versions 8 and 9.
This tutorial was written as a guide so please feel free to use any image, texture or font.

~ You will need ~
Paint Shop Pro 10, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

The zip with the supplies here. Look for the text file with the installation instructions in the zip.
You can also use any of my textures for the tutorial here.
See more examples of the tag here.

You can drag this pointer as you go to keep track of your place in the tutorial.
Drag script from Dynamic Drive

Let's get started ...
Open a new image 625 x 525, background color #FFFFFF (white). Layers/New Raster Layer.
Selections/Select All. Open "gh_texture_24" or the texture you are using.
Edit/Copy, go to your working image Edit/ Paste Into Selection.
Selections/Select None.

Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask From Disk
and locate "gh_grungeframe2mask_bunnysatticdotcom" and use these settings ...

In the Layer palette right click on Group - Raster 1/ Merge/Merge Group.

Open the "freezeframe_modelKari". Edit/Copy. Go back to your working image Edit/Paste as New Layer.

If you are using another image you can ...

1. Resize it to 422 x 306 and it will fit in the mask perfectly.

2. Click on your Selection tool, then on Custom selection

and put in these values ..

Then you can copy your image and paste into the selection.

3. Follow the steps in step 2 above but instead of pasting into selection just paste the image as a new layer, position
the image where you want it, invert your selection and go to Edit/Cut.

In your layer palette change the Blend Mode to Hard Light.

Feel free to experiment with blend modes and opacity on the image and texture layers. Different textures and
images may look better with Screen, Soft Light, Luminance(L), Overlay or Multiply.

Let's add some text now.
Open the "freezeframetext_gh.psp". Edit/Copy. Go back to your working image Edit/Paste as New Layer.
Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal 2, Opacity 30, Blur 2 and Color black
Move the text to the lower right side of the frame area like below and drag it below Raster 1 (the model photo)...

Click on your Text tool and use these settings ...

Foreground color #FFFFFF (white) and Background color off.
Click on your image to apply the text. I rotated mine to vertical and stretched it out a bit to fit in the frame. I liked how the the
text looked under the image so I left it there on purpose. If you want your text on top of the top just drag that layer above it.

**Just a PSP tip**
** When you want to move things below a mask layer you can click on the layer in the layer
palette then click on the Mover tool and use the arrows on your keyboard to move them. **

In the layer palette right click and convert to a raster layer.
You may want to save a copy of your file with the layers intact, then save as a jpg.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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