This tutorial was created June 21, 2004
ęCopyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

* Terms of Use *

This tutorial was written for PSP8. It is just a guide, feel free to use a different tube, font and colors for your tag.
I have included lots of instructions and screen shots with the hope that anyone can do this tutorial. I have most of
my favorite effects on a tool bar but have included the path to each effect so it will be easy to find them if you are
new to PSP. If you are more advanced, just do your own thing.

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 8, a 30 day trial program can be downloaded here.

Xenoflex 1.0 by Alienskin. Unfortunately this older version is no longer available for
demo or purchase from Alienskin. I have called and asked if MAYBE they would offer
it again at a reduced price since the filter we need for this tutorial, "Shower Door",
is not included in 2.0. It is such a popular and widely used effect! So, the request has
been sent on to the "powers that be" and I hope they will decide to offer it again.
When I hear something, you will be the first to know!

I have provided a work around with Eye Candy 3, it is a bit different,
but something to play with, if you don't have Xenoflex 1.0.

"blueflowershoe.psp" tubed by Venus here.
The talented artist that created this beautiful floral shoe is Dennis Kyte.
I would love to provide a link to his site but have been unable to find one so far..

The font I used for this tutorial is called "Beau Rivage Two" and
was created by Rob Leuschke. It is a pay font and you can find it here...
or feel free to substitute any font of your choosing.

Let's get started!

Open a new canvas , 450 x 350, background color #C2CEB6.
Go to Layers/New Vector Layer and name this layer Border 1.
Go to Layers/New Vector Layer and name this layer Border 2.
We will be working on them later.

Open your "blueflowershoe.psp" and go to Edit/Copy.
With your colored canvas active go to Edit/Paste as a New Layer.

In your Layer Palette, right click on Raster 1 choose "duplicate".
Go to Image/Flip, then Image/Mirror.

In the Layer Palette, turn off border 2, border 1 and the Background layer.
Go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Turn all your layers back on.

On the Merged layer, go to Effects/Plugins/Xenoflex/Shower Door.
Dot Size 17 and Random Seed 40.
OR you can use Eye Candy 3/Swirl with these settings ...
Whirlpool Spacing 30, Smear Length 15, Twist 70,
Streak Detail 40, Warp and Smooth are checked.

Go to Effects/Art Media Effects/Brush Strokes.
In the Presets menu find "limpressionist squares" and apply.
If you do not have this preset, here are the settings ..

In the layer palette, lower the
opacity of this layer to 24 and change the Blend Mode to "Multiply".
(left click on the "Blend mode" box to bring up the menu.)

Let's add the tube again. It should still be in your clipboard
so, go to Edit/Paste as a New Layer. Go to Image/ Resize.
Width and Height 80%, Check "Resample using Bicubic" and
"Lock aspect ratio". Uncheck "Resize all layers". Click OK.

For the drop shadow go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with
these settings .....
Vertical 4, Horizontal 0, Opacity 65, Blur 9 and Color #000000 (black)
Click OK.
Now let's add the borders ..
In your Layer palette, click on "border 1".
Click on your Preset Shape Tool
with these settings .....

In your Color Palette change your foreground color to #5F705E and turn off your background color.
Draw out a rectangle like in the left example below.
Then click on the "border 2" layer and draw a second rectangle lower and to the right.

In your Layer Palette, right click on "border2" and choose "Convert to Raster Layer". Go to Layers/New Raster Layer. Using your Selection Tool , with these settings ...
Rectangle, feather 0 and Anti-Alias checked, draw a rectangle the same size as your second box.
Using your Flood Fill Tool , fill this selection with #5F705E and lower the Opacity to 18. Go to Selections/Select None.

Click on Raster 1, Go to Layers/New Vector Layer and name it Text. Click on your Text Tool , and after choosing a font of your liking, use these settings .....
(depending on the font, you may have to adjust the size.)

In your Color Palette turn on your background color and click on the color swatch. Type in #C2CEB6. Your foreground color should still be #5F705E.

Click on your canvas to apply the text. Move your text into position,
sitting on the bottom box.

Go to your layer palette, right click on your text layer and "Convert to Raster Layer".
Go to Selections//Modify/Contract
and type in 1. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel. Choose "Bevel One" , width 1,
Smoothness 32, Depth 1, Ambience 0, Shininess 44, Angle 315, Intensity 39 and Elevation 36.
Go to Selections/Select None.

For the drop shadow go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow with these settings .....
Vertical 2, Horizontal 1, Opacity 65, Blur 5 and Color #000000 (black)
Click OK.
Now go to Image/Picture Frame. Find "Edge brush 10" in the preview window (or any of the frames you like) and check "Frame outside of image" and "Mirror frame", click OK.
Save a copy of your tag in .psp format so you can use it again with the layers intact.
You can merge your layers now. Layers/Merge/Merge All.
That's it! Add your watermark and your tag is finished!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and you can use it as a guide
to try different images, tubes and masks!

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