This tutorial was created June 16, 2005.
©Copyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

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This tutorial was written for PSP9.

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 9, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.
The zip with the image "demimoore.jpg" and "demimoore_small.jpg" and my brush "gh_005" here.
The images are compliments of Perfect People
Open the image "demimoore.jpg" and "demimoore_small.jpg" in PSP. Unzip the brush script and tip
into a new folder and import into PSP9. If you need help importing the brush I have a tutorial here.
The fonts I used are called "East Market" and "Lainie Day". Open the fonts and minimize them
on your desktop.

Let's get started ...

We'll be working on the demimoore.jpg image throughout this tutorial. In your layer palette right click
on the Background layer and Promote Background Layer. Rename this layer "demi main".
Add a New Raster layer, (Layers/New Raster layer) and name it background, drag it below
the demi main layer. Flood fill this layer with black.

Click on the demi main layer and using your selection tool , Feather 0,
Anti-alias checked, draw out a selection that includes her head and neck.

Go to Edit/Copy then Selections/ Select None then Edit/Paste/Paste as new Layer. Go to Image/Mirror. Using the Raster Deform tool make the head a little larger and move the
copy up to the top left. Using your Eraser tool with these settings ...

erase the background and most of her neck. Lower the opacity of this layer to 40.

Go back to your demi main layer and using your selection tool , draw out a rectangle like below ..

Go to Edit/Copy, Selections/Select None, then Edit/Paste as New layer. Using your Mover tool
move the selection we just made back to her face. Using your eraser tool , erase that little
bit of background to the left of her eyes.

Lower the Opacity of the "demi main" layer to 50.

Open your demimoore_small image and go to Edit/Copy then go back to the main image and go to
Edit/ Paste as New Layer. Move this image down to the lower, left corner .. I didn't put it all the
way to the bottom of the canvas, the bottom of the image is at the 400 pixel mark on the left side.
To turn your rulers on go to View/Rulers. We are going to do the same process with this image.
Using your selection tool , make a selection that includes
her eyes.

Go to Edit/Copy, then Edit/Paste as New Layer. Selections/Select None.
Move the eyes back into place and lower the Opacity of layer "Raster 3" to 50.

click on Raster 1 and add a New Raster layer, name it brush.
Click on your Paint brush tool and in the tool options windows, find brush gh_005, size 496.

Change your foreground color to #808080 and apply your brush like below ..

Lower the opacity to 28 and using your Eraser , same settings as before, but change the size to 30,
erase the brush from her face and most of her neck.

Add a new raster layer and name it text box. Using your Selection tool , make a rectangular selection
at the bottom right, like below, flood fill with black then lower the opacity to 60..
The screen shot includes the black fill with the opacity lowered.
Go to Selections/Select None.

Using your Text tool with these settings ..
Foreground color off and Background color #c0c0c0 click on the text box to apply the text. Use the Vector
deform box to stretch the text out to fit the box like below.
Right click on the text layer and convert to Raster.
Lower the opacity of this layer to 40.

Now for the smaller handwriting text, using your Text tool again with these settings ..

The color is the same, foreground off and background color is #c0c0c0.
Click to apply the LainieDay font over the larger text. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Drop Shadow
Vertical and Horizontal 1, Opacity 100, Blur 3 and color Black.
Repeat the Drop Shadow again, same settings.

Add a New Vector Layer and call it dotted line. Using your Pen tool with these settings ..

With your Foreground color #c0c0c0 and you Background off, draw a line along the top of the text box.
Click once at the left and then again on the right, make sure your line is straight!
You can move those nodes until it is lined up.

Right click and convert to Raster layer, go to Layers/Duplicate and using your Mover tool
pull the duplicated line down even with the bottom of the text box.

Click on Raster 4, this should be the selection of Demi's smaller face,
and lower the opacity of this layer to 60.

That's it! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and you use it as a guide to try different images!

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