The image is made using several photos and tubes, filters, illumination effects and different layer opacities. After completing
the tutorial you will be able to put together your own images and have something truly special that is your very own creation.

This tutorial was created January 9, 2003© Copyright Bunny's Attic.
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This tutorial was written for PSP7 but can be done in earlier versions too.
This page is graphic intense so please be patient while this page loads.

I want to thank Pete of Xero Graphics for creating his amazing filters which I use all the
time. He offers them free of charge, so please go visit his site to download the filters!
Xero Graphics and Web Design
You will need Set One, *Mistifier* for this tutorial.

You will need the following for the tutorial,
but feel free to use your own images, tubes, etc.

Corel Paint Shop Pro *30 day free trial* here.

Zip containing images and tubes here.
The castle tube I made myself and woman tube was made by Christina of GardenGrafix.
I do not know the name of the talented artist who created the beautiful seascape so
I cannot give proper credit for the artwork. If you know the name of the artist I would
appreciate it if you would write me, ginny hopping at comcast dot net. Thanks!

Adjust* Variations filter here.

All screen shots have been resized and compressed, yours will be larger.

Open your *seasidedreams* image in Paint shop. In your layer
palette right click on *background* and choose *promote to layer*

To get the *sepia* effect go to Effects/ Plugins/ Adjust*Variations.
Click on *more yellow* once and *more red* once choose OK. Go to
Effects/ Plugins/ Xero*Mistifier.Apply these settings~

Your image will look like this now. Very *mistified* =)

Now add a new raster layer and pull this new layer below layer 1. Turn off layer one
and click on layer 2 and flood fill wiith #846C2E. Go to Effects/Illumination
Effects/ Sunburst and apply these settings.

your image will look like this now

Turn layer one back on and lower the opacity to 54.

here's what you should have now.

Now we will add the tubes so if you haven't open them in Paint Shop, do that now.
Using the castle tube, copy and paste as a new layer and position it to the left of
the image and lower the opacity to 52.

Now open the *woman* tube and copy and paste as a new layer. Go to Effects/ Artistic Effects/ Sepia and choose *amount to age* 100.
Go to Effects/Plugins/ Adjust* Variations, click on *more yellow* once and *more red* once choose OK. Position her near the bottom in the
middle of the image and lower the opacity to 56.

Merge your layers and your image is complete, I will leave the resizing and framing effects to
you. If you would like to add "photo edges" to your image I wrote a tutorial on how to do
that. You can find it here. I hope you have enjoyed doing this tutorial and you will
experiment with different photos and tubes! I have found this kind of image to be so much
fun and such an opportunity to get creative! =)

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