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I hope you will enjoy creating this little blue glass mister to add to your tube
collection. I thought it would be a nice addition to those floral scenes we
love to create so I had to try to create it in Paint Shop!

~ Shopping List ~

Paint Shop Pro 8, the 30 day trial version here.

Super Blade Pro free demo and my copper mister preset here.
Unzip this to your Flaming Pear/SuperBladePro/environments and textures folder.

Eye Candy 4000 demo version has the Glass filter available for this tutorial.
blueglassmisterECglass preset here
Unzip this to your Eye Candy 4000/Eye Candy 4000 Settings/Glass folder.

My selection file here. Unzip this to your selections folder.

If you haven't already, you will need to create a Selection folder in My
Documents. You should make a new sub folder called "BlueGlassPlantMister" and
unzip the selections to this folder. Then in PSP8 and go to
File/Preferences/File Locations. Find "Selections" in the menu on the left
and hi-light it. In the right panel click on "Add" then "Browse". Browse to
My Documents/Selection folders/BlueGlassPlantMister.
Put a check mark in the "Scan Subfolders" and "Enable Directory".

**I recommend making a *new folder* for any selections you have for
different tutorials and enable the path to that folder when doing the tutorial.
If you don't do this, you will have all your selections in
one big jumbled mess in PSP8. **

This tutorial was created on August 1, 2002 and
rewritten for Version 8 n July 2, 2004.
*terms of use*

Let's get started! =)

1. Open a 400 x 400 transparent image. Go to Selections/Load/Save Selections/Load Selection from Disk and choose the "glass bottom_gh.sel" and flood fill with #000080. You can name this layer glass bottom. Selections/Select None.

Screen shot 1

2. In your Layer palette add a new raster layer.

Name it tubing. Go to Selections/Load/Save Selections/Load Selection from Disk and choose the "tubing_gh.sel". Flood fill this with white. Now go to Effects, Plugins, Flaming Pear, Super Blade Pro and locate your copper mister_gh and apply this to your tubing. It looks like a cactus, I know! I used my copper mister preset in Super Blade Pro for this and the sprayer, but feel free to use any effect you like. Selections/Select None.

Screen shot 2

3. Add a new raster layer. Name it Glass. Go to Selections/Load/Save Selections/Load Selection from Disk and choose the "blue glass_gh.sel".
Flood fill your selection with #000080.
Go to Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 4000/ Glass and look in the "Settings" drop down menu and locate the blue mister_gh preset and apply it to your glass. Go to your layer palette and lower the opacity of your Glass layer to 55. Selections/Select None.

Screen shot 3

4. Add a new raster layer and call it Sprayer.
Go to Selections/Load/Save Selections/Load Selection from Disk and select the "sprayer top_gh.sel". Flood fill the selection with white. Now go to Effects/ Plugins/Flaming Pear/SuperBladePro and apply your "copper mister_gh" preset or whatever effect you have chosen to use. Selections/Select None.

Screen shot 4

5. Now you will see a little bright green line at the bottom of the sprayer the needs to be removed. You will want to Zoom in for this step.
Using your Selection Tool l, set to Rectangle, Replace, Feather: 0, Anitalias: unchecked, make a rectangular selection, see below. Then go to Edit/Cut. Selections/Select None.

Screen shot 5

To finish up, go to Layers/Merge/Merge Visible. Now save it as a tube!
There you have your new Blue Glass plant mister tube!

Screen shot 6

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

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