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This tutorial will teach you how to put text on a Bezier Curve.

This tutorial was created December 30, 2002 for PSP7.
Copyright Bunny's Attic.
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This page is graphic intense so it may take a minute to load.

No outside filters will be needed for this tutorial.

Start by opening a 300 x 300 white image.

Set up Paint shop like this.

Draw Tool...
Bezier curve
Width 1
Antialias and Create as Vector checked.

Layer palette foreground black, background null.

bezier 1
To start your line, left click and keep the button down on the mouse while dragging the mouse to almost the top of your canvas. Do not click at the end of the line just let go of the mouse button.
bezier 2
The blue X's in the screen shot are where you are going to click to make the line curve. Click once where the hand is ponting to the first blue X and then on the other one. See the screen shots below to see what happens with each click.
bezier 3
This is the first click, see how it has pulled your line up to start the curve.
bezier 4
And this is what you will have after you make your second click.
bezier 5

Using your text tool move the cursor to the line and you will see this icon below.

Click on the bezier curve. Then using your text tool type your text, it will follow the line. here are the settings for the text tool.

text box

This next step is how you get rid of your line.

Click the Object Selector tool.

Click your mouse on a blank area away from the text and line to deselect them.

bezier 10

Now, click once on your text. This will select only the text. RIGHT-CLICK on the text, and choose *Convert Text to Curves* / *As Single Shape*
bezier 9
Now click on the curved line. Hit the delete key on your keyboard. This will delete the line but the curved text will still be there. Right click on the text in your layer palette, it should be named Layer one and choose Convert to Raster.
bezier 11

Now you have your curved text.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

bezier 12

One more bit of instruction that will come in handy when working with Beziers. You can always adjust your curve with node editing in Paint Shop. When you get your curved line, click on the Object Selector object selector

and then on "Node Edit" in the Tool Options box.

Click on either node and when the vector handles appear, you can move the arms to get the shape you want.

object selector

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