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This is another little teapot from my collection. I started to write this tutorial with vectors and individual dings but after adding a million nodes to form the teapot and applying SO many dings, I decided to go with selections to make it easier on all of us! I hope you enjoy making this one!
This tutorial was updated for Version 10 on June 13, 2006.

~ Shopping List ~

Corel Paint Shop Pro 10, thirty day trial here.
EyeCandy 3
My selection file here.  
If you haven't already, you will need to create a Selection folder in My Documents. You should make a new sub folder called "Asian Teapot" and unzip the selections to this folder. Then in PSP10 and go to File/Preferences/File Locations. Find "Selections" in the menu on the left and hi-light it. In the right panel click on "Add" then "Browse". Browse to My Documents/Selection folders/Asian Teapot. Put a check mark in the "Scan Subfolders" and "Enable Directory".

**I recommend making a *new folder* for any selections you have for different
tutorials and enable the path to that folder when doing the tutorial. If you don't
do this, you will have all your selections in one big jumbled mess in PSP10. **   

After you gather all your items come back and we will get started.

~ Terms of Use ~

Let's get started! =)

1. Open a new image , 450 x 450, Color # 000080. We are using the dark blue background so we can see what we're doing, this background will be deleted later. Go to Layers/New Raster Layer, name it teapot. Go to Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load Selection from Disk and find the "asianteapot_base" in the Selection window. Check "Replace selection" and "Source Luminance" and click Load. Using the Flood Fill tool fill your teapot with white, then go to Selections/Select None.

2. Go to Effects/3D Effects/Inner Bevel and use these settings ...

Here's what you should have now ..

3. Now we are going to add the decoration to the main pot. First add a new Raster layer, then go to Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load Selection from Disk and select "asian teapot_decoration_1". Now flood fill the selection with #000080.
Go to Selections/ Select None.

4. Add a new raster layer and go to Selections/Load/Save Selection/Load Selection from Disk and choose "asian teapot_decoration2". Flood fill #000080. Selections/Select None. Now we are going to soften the details on the handle
and spout. Go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur and add a blur of 1.00.

5. Add a new Raster layer. Go to Selections/Load/Save Selections/Load Selection from Disk and load the "asian teapot_base" again. We are going to add some thin blue color to the handle, spout, top and edges of the teapot. Using your Airbrush tool with these settings ...
Shape: Round, Size: 30, Hardness: 13, Step: 25, Density: 15,
Thickness: 100, Rotation 0, Opacity: 18, Blend Mode: Normal, Rate:5.
With #000080 as your foreground color, spray some color lightly on these areas. I really put a lot of color on the top piece and followed along the sides of the teapot. Don't worry about going outside the teapot, the selection will keep all your spray inside the lines. See the image below for placement of your spray.

6. Now to blur the color go to Adjust/Blur/Gaussian Blur and add a blur of 3. Selections/Select None.

7. Two more steps and then we are done! First to give the teapot a realistic look we will add a glass effect. First turn off your background layer. Go to Layers/ Merge/Merge Visible. You can turn your background layer back on now. Make sure you are on your Merged layer and go to Effects/ Plugins/Eye Candy 3/Glass and use these settings ...

Here's what you're teapot should look like now.

Glass Effect

8. Let's save it as a tube! Right click on your Background layer and choose Delete. Click on your Selection Tool
and then in the Tool Options window click on "Layer Opaque".

Now go to Image/Crop to Selection. Your tube is now ready to save .psp format.

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