This tutorial was created June 19, 2005.
©Copyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

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This tutorial was written for PSP9.

~ You will need ~

Paint Shop Pro 9, a 30 day trial can be downloaded here.
Super Blade Pro 30day trial here.
M_coconutice from Meadows Studio.
My tube "paris_lingeries1_gh.psp" here.
The zip with the brushes "gh_coffeering and "gh_oldnewspaper2" and the "gh_dressformpattern.jpg".
Open the tube "paris_lingeries1_gh.psp" and "gh_dressformpattern.jpg"in PSP.
Mask 131 here. Right click to "Save picture as" to your My PSP Files/Masks.
Unzip the brush scripts and tips
into a new folder and import into PSP9.
If you need help importing the brush I have a tutorial here.
The free font I used is called "Penshurst" and can be found at DaFont here.
The font used for the title of this tutorial is called "MetropolisNF" and can be found at
DaFont here. I was going to use it for the tag but my name didn't have any of the cool letters, LOL !

I do not know the name of the talented artist who created this wonderful dress form image so
I cannot give proper credit for the artwork. If you know the name of the artist I would
appreciate it if you would write me. ginny hopping at comcast dot net. Thanks!

Let's get started ...
Open a new canvas , Width 500/ Height 450, background color white.
Click on the New Raster Later icon and add a new layer. Flood fill this layer with #dfbf83

Layers/New Raster Layer and name it brush1.
Using your paint brush tool , find gh_oldnewspaper2 in your brush preview window.
Change the size to 500. In your materials palette, change your foreground color to
#000000 and apply the brush in the center of your canvas. Lower the opacity to 50.

Click on the New Raster Layer icon and name it brush2.
Again using your paint brush tool , find "gh_coffeering" in your brush preview window.
Change the size to 109, color Black. Apply the brush in the upper right corner of your canvas.

Open your paris_lingeries1_gh.psp and go to Edit/Copy. Go back to your canvas and go to
Edit/Paste/ Paste as New Layer. Go to Image/Resize and use these settings ...
75 Percent, Resample using: Smart Size, Check Lock aspect ratio and UNcheck Resize all layers.
Go to Effects/3D Effect/Drop Shadow and use these settings ..
Vertical 1, Horizontal 7 Opacity 54, Blur 8 and color Black. Repeat the drop shadow one more time.
Using your Mover tool move the tube over to the left of the image like below ...

Click on Raster 1 and go to Layers/Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk. Find Mask 131,
check Source luminance, Fit to canvas, Show all mask. Invert Transparency is unchecked.
In your Layer palette right click on Group Raster 1 and select Merge/Merge Group.
Go to Effects/3D Effect/Drop Shadow and use these settings ..
Vertical 1, Horizontal 1 Opacity 30, Blur 1 and color Black.

Click on Raster 2 and using your Text tool with these settings ..

Make your Foreground color black, change your Background to Pattern and find gh_dressformpattern.jpg. Settings are Angle 0, Scale 100. Click on your image to apply the text.
You may need to adjust the size depending on your name. When you are happy with your text, right click and convert to Raster. Go to Selections/Select All, Selections/Float. Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/Super Blade Pro. Find the preset M_coconutice and apply it to your text. Selections/Select None.
Go to Effects/3D Effect/Drop Shadow and use these settings ..
Vertical -2, Horizontal 2 Opacity 56, Blur 5 and color Black.

At this point, save a copy of your tag in .psp format so you can use it again and still have
the option of changing the background color and text. It looks pretty good on black.

To save it with the white background, turn off your background layer and merge your layers.
Click on your selection tool and click on the "Create selection from" icon.

Then go to Image/Crop to Selection. (I use this method all the time so
I don't cut off any of the drop shadow or tube)
Turn your Background layer back on, add your watermark and save as a jpeg.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and you use it as a guide to
try different brushes, masks and tubes!

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