Aged Copper Frame

This tutorial was created June 20, 2002 and rewritten
for Version 8 on July 5, 2004 ęBunny's Attic.

* Terms of Use *

This tutorial was written for PSP8 but can be done in earlier versions too.
This page is graphic intense so please be patient while the page loads.
Screen shots have been resized and compressed to load faster.

You will need Paint Shop Pro 8, a 30 day trial program can be downloaded Here.

The image used and my "Aged Copper" preset here.
unzip the "Aged Copper_gh.q5q" preset to your
Plugins/Flaming Pear/SuperBladePro/environments and textures folder.
After much looking, I do not know who the artist is so I cannot give proper credit for the artwork.
If you know the name of the artist I would appreciate it if you would write me.
ginnyhopping at comcast dot net. Thanks!

OK, let's get started! =)

1. Open your image in Paint Shop, go to Window/Duplicate and repeat so you have 2 copies. You can close out your original image. Working on one of the copies, click on your Selection Tool , with these settings ...

Draw out a 200 x 200 selection including the area with the lemons and leaves like in the screen shot below. You can use your Mover tool to move the selection by right clicking and holding as you move the selection box where you want it. We will be using this area as a pattern fill for the Mosiac effect later. You can minimize it for now.

Selection screen shot

2. Now we will be working on the original image. Go to Image/Add Borders, and add a Symmetric white border of 5. Using your Magic Wand with these settings ..

click on the white border to select it

3. Go to Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/SuperBladePro and locate the "Aged Copper_gh" preset. The Preset Menu is in the middle of the SuperBladePro window.

Go to Selections/Invert and then go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout
and apply this Cutout...
Shadow color/Black
Vertical= 0 Opacity= 84 Horizontal= 0 Blur= 36
Go to Selections/Select None.

5. Go to Image, Add Borders, add a 20 pixel Symetrical white border and select it with your Magic Wand

6. Go to your Materials palette, choose your
pattern option from the fly out menu for the foreground color

and locate your lemon pattern from the minimized image and use these settings ...

Click on your Flood Fill Tool and fill the selected white border with your pattern.

7. Go to Effects/Texture Effects/Mosiac Antique and use these settings below. Make sure Symetrical is checked too! =)

8. Selections/Float then go to Effects/3D Effects/Cutout and apply this cutout...

Shadow color is black
Vertical= 4 Opacity= 100
Horizontal= 4 Blur= 6

Apply the Cutout again but change the Vertical and Horizontal to minus 4 (-4).
Go to Selections/Select None.

9. Go to Image/Add Borders and add a symetrical 5 pixel border.
Select the border with your Magic Wand and go to
Effects/Plugins/Flaming Pear/SuperBladePro and apply the "Aged Copper_gh"
preset to this border. Go to Selections/Select None.

Add your signature and you are done!! =)

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