"Trellis Signature Tag"

This tutorial was created June 11, 2004
ęCopyright Ginny Hopping/Bunny's Attic.

* Terms of Use *

This tutorial was written for PSP7.
The Picture Frame feature I used for this tutorial is available in Version 8 of PSP and I received permission from Jasc to offer their frame as a mask so version 7 users can do this tutorial too.

~ You will need ~
Paint Shop Pro
Eye Candy 3
(I have included a "workaround" for Eye Candy 4000 too.)
The beautiful rose tube made by Steph Staker who graciously agreed to let me use it for this tutorial and to also offer it for download here. Please visit her site, she has some great tutorials and tubes! http://www.stakerfamily.com/psp.htm

Wild White Roses tube

Let's get started!

Have your tube open and mask minimized in PSP. Using the "Wildwhiteroses.psp" tube, copy it, (Window~Duplicate) and close the original.

Go to Edit~Copy.

Open a new canvas (File~New) Width 550 pixels, Height 400 pixels, Resolution 72.000,
Background color "Transparent", 16.7 Million Colors.

Go to Edit~Paste as a new layer.

Go to Image~Resize,

Check "Percentage of original", Height and Width "90%", Resize type "Bicubic resample",
"Resize all layers " UNchecked, "Maintain aspect ratio of" checked. PSP will figure the number for you. No math involved here, phew!! Ü

Repeat this step three more times. (When I resize this way I don't need to sharpen the tube.)

Go to Colors ~ Adjust ~ Brightness/Contrast and type in 13 for Brightness and 7 for Contrast. Click ok.

Click on Raster 1 in your layer palette. Using your Eye Dropper Tool, hover over your flower petal. Right click to select a dark color as your background color. Then choose a lighter color by left clicking to add this color as your foreground color.
( The colors I am using are #EDECE4 for the foreground and #A4AE9F for the background.)

Using your Flood Fill Tool , left click to fill your Raster 1 layer with #EDECE4.

Go to Layers~New Raster Layer, you can name this layer "Trellis". Using your Flood Fill Tool again , left click to fill this layer with #EDECE4.

Go to Image~Rotate~Free Rotate. Direction "Left", Degrees check "Free" type in "45", Check "All Layers". This step will cause your canvas to enlarge but we will crop it back later.

Go to Effects~Eye Candy 3~Weave,
Ribbon Width 17, Gap Width 19, Fill Gaps unchecked, Shadow Depth 30, Thread detail 11, Thread length 8, Smear Threads checked.

Click the check mark to apply.

** If you are using Eye Candy 4000 **
Use these settings...
Ribbon Width 17, Gap Width 19, Shadow Strength 30, Thread Detail 11, Thread Length 8, Smear Ribbons checked and in the "Gap Fill" box check "Make gaps transparent".

Click ok to apply.

Now go back to Image~Rotate~Free Rotate. Change only the Direction to "Right" and click ok.

While on your "Trellis" layer, double-click on your Crop tool . In the "Crop Area" window, check "Select opaque area- current layer". Click ok. Then go to Image ~ Crop. Go to View ~ Normal viewing. Now you will have your original canvas size back again.

Let's add a drop shadow to your Trellis. Go to Effects~ 3D Effects~Drop Shadow. Settings are Vertical and Horizontal "-4", Opacity "64" Blur "6" and Color "#7D8C76". Click ok.

In your Layer palette, click on Layer 2, which should be your tube layer. Apply your drop shadow again, but change the Opacity to "95" and the Blur to "13", Horizontal and Vertical are the same settings as before.

Go to Layers/New Vector Layer. Name this layer "text". Using your Text Tool, click on your canvas, type in your name, or whatever you decide you'd like your tag to say.
using these settings.....

Click OK. Since we used Vector text, you can adjust the size, angle and position of the text by using the bounding box. When you are happy with your text, go to your layer palette, right click on your "text" layer and click on "Convert to Raster layer".

Now we will add a little bevel to our text. Using the Selection Tool, same settings as before EXCEPT "check" Anti-Alias, draw a selection around your text. Click on your text to select it. Go to Selections~Modify~Contract. Type in "1" and click ok. Now go to Effects~3D Effects~
Inner Bevel. Use these settings..

Go to Selections~Select none.

Let's add a drop shadow to the text now. Go to Effects~3D Effects~Drop Shadow. Same settings as we used for the tube shadow, except change the Blur to "4". Click ok.

Add a new Raster layer (Layers ~ New Raster layer) Change your foreground color to white and using your Flood fill tool , fill your layer with white. Go to Masks ~ New ~ From Image. In the "Add Mask from Image" window, find "Edgebrush02.jpg" in the drop down window of the Source window. Check "Source luminance" only. Click ok.
Go to Masks/Delete. Click Yes when PSP asks "would you like this mask merged into the current layer?".

Go to Layers~Merge~"Merge All (Flatten)", Add your watermark and you are done!
You may resize your image if necessary by going to Image ~ Resize and check "resize all layers". I resize my images the same way as I do tubes, by 90% until I get the size I want.

I hope you enjoying do this tutorial and like your results!

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