These maske were made by me with my brushes and are for use in Paint Shop Pro.

Click on the mask and the full size image will open in a new window.
Right click on the image to save them to your hard drive.
You will need to put them in your "My PSP Files/Masks" folder. Please do not direct link to any of these files.

If you are a tutorial writer you are welcome to use my masks for your tutorial and you may include the mask
in the zip with the rest of your supplies. All I ask is that the file names not be changed and that you mention
where they came from. =)

grungeframe 4
grungeframe 5
grungeframe 6
grungeframe 7
grungeframe 8
grungeframe 9
grungeframe 10
grungeframe 11
grungeframe 12

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